TECADE, aware of the role it plays in society and committing to it, has decided to approve this Code of Ethics and Conduct, which compiles the principles that have guided its action, without prejudice to encouraging and negotiating the approval of any other documents that for own conviction or by legal recommendation should help make the company a business and social reference.

Our actions are based on values ​​such as excellence, commitment to sustainable development, transparency, dialogue, trust, ethical conduct, mutual commitment and the pursuit of the highest standards of safety and quality in all our products. and services.

In addition, it is intended to develop and formalize the vision and values ​​of the Organization by promoting that all our suppliers, customers and companies or collaborating entities adapt their behavior to action patterns similar to those defined in this Code of Conduct.

Complying with the provisions of our Code of Ethics and Conduct will always lead us to have the satisfaction of having acted loyally with our company and with our stakeholders, clearly and honestly, in an environment of trust and cordiality in all aspects of our life, both personally and professionally.

This Code, therefore, is not a rigid instrument.  It will be developed and adapted to new needs as they arise and when experience demands it.