Tecade has been certified pursuant to W 47.1 CWB

Any Project entails new challenges to fulfil the customer’s requirements. We are already in full swing through dedication for the “New bridge for the St Lawrence” project and the certification for the standard W 47.1 (CWB Company)were required.

The Canadian Standards Association sets the criteria for Standard W47.1. Based on the type of work to be undertaken a company may be certified for Fusion Welding of Steel in one of three Divisions. Companies who wish to be certified under this standard are required to:

–           Qualify their Welding Supervisors and their Welding Engineers

–          Submit for review and approval their Company’s Welding Procedures

–          Qualify their Welding personnel (welders or operators).

This is an example of Tecade team’s continuous effort, for the attitude and pro-active stance they have always had towards our Company. We have the best human team available, highly qualified and noted for their eagerness to better themselves and a marked spirit of collaboration and commitment.

Such a determination resulted in the W47.1 certification as company (Tecade Los Molares and Tecade Yard) and as the certification of personnel involved: welders or operators, welding supervisors y welding engineer.

We are really proud of the good work we have done to obtain such certification!