As one of the world’s largest companies in steel construction in Spain, Tecade embraces diversity and professionalism in its regular course of business. The people behind our company are as diverse as the broad suite of services we offer to our clients and partners. Diversity enriches our performance and services, the communities where we live and work, and the lives of our employees and customers.

Respect for others is a core company value that defines our business practices and operating philosophy. We strive to provide a high quality result in each project Improvement of our knowledge by integrating the gained experience of every fulfilled project.

To each and all of you who are part of our team we owe the success of Tecade. In order to be successful we need to listen to their views and take them into consideration when designing future plans and demonstrate integrity and respect in everything we do.

Embracing and valuing the uniqueness of all of our stakeholders is a key factor to achieving our global business strategy. Tecade appreciates that our differences are the distinctions that make us better and wiser in every aspect of our daily lives and business.

This is the commitment we have made at Tecade so that we can continue to be an exceptional travel partner, a successful company and a great place to work.

Best regards,