Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of understanding the company’s role in society, taking in the environmental, social and economic impact of its activities and its relations with the different stakeholders. Incorporating this triple balance also allows the group to adopt a system for constant improvement as the basis for its business strategy.

The Corporate Social Responsibility is an integrated value inside our philosophy. Mutual Trust, Respect, Integrity and Solidarity are the values which guide Tecade actions.

CSR is a transversal factor which affects all areas and business units, from decision-making to ways of working, to form part of the organizational culture. The Tecade Strategic Social Responsibility Plan represents a road map for implementation of CSR in the group and is structured on the basis of eight broad lines:

  • Minimizing environmental impact.
  • Guaranteeing transparency for the investment community.
  • Assuring the motivation and involvement of our human resources in constant improvement in the company.
  • Maintaining a close relationship with customers and assuring their satisfaction.
  • Extending the CSR commitment to suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Getting involved in the community and in the social fabric.
  • Establishing systematic channels for dialogue.
  • Guaranteeing supervision and monitoring of the implementation of the Strategic CSR Plan.