Our vision is to be leaders in production and assembly of metallic bridges and offshore structures business, satisfying client needs, outfitting value for projects according to our stakeholder’s demands, pursuing sustainability and continuous quality improvements.


Our mission is fabrication of heavy steel structures for projects in the global market. In rising of the more stringent requirements of the market are for TECADE the keystone for our development. One of our main advantages is the adaptability and flexibility to the requirement of our clients, giving solutions effective and efficient solutions in a short time.

Our methods have been developed for the preservation of natural and cultural resources for future generations, to ensure the health and safety of our work force and using cutting edge technology to actively contribute to our stakeholder’s value generation.


TECADE have qualifying adjectives that define how we want TECADE’s behavior to be, which differentiate us from our competitors. According to the labor climate survey carried out for the company’s workforce, the values of the company are as follows:

To work with responsibility, integrity and honesty.

Excellence in management: integrated approach to HR, quality, prevention and protection of the environment, throughout the life cycle of our products.

Commitment to technological innovation in welding processes and assembly of metal structures

Active attitude towards research, innovation and development.

Development professional careers and equity opportunities for workforce.

Effort to balance working life and family life