The largest structure manufactured by TECADE for the Hisingsbron bridge is shipped to Gothenburg – Sweden

With the shipment of the lifting span, which will give way to a new connection in Gothenburg, TECADE ends its participation in this international project

This weekend the shipment took place from the Port of Seville of the last structure manufactured by TECADE for the Arpeggio and Hisingsbron in Gothenburg-Sweden. This is the lifting span corresponding to the mobile part of the bridge that will give way to a new connection in the Swedish city. This piece will be hoisted using four pylons, also manufactured by TECADE at its facilities in Seville and currently in the assembly and welding process by its staff in Gothenburg.

The lifting span, manufactured in a single piece, has dimensions of 44 m long by 39 m wide and its weight is 662 tons, making it the first structure of this size to pass through the new lock in the Port of Seville, with the difficulty of exceeding its maximum width. Therefore, the piece had to be raised and placed on the top of the ship. Due to its size, it is also the most critical and complex element for loading maneuvers, which were carried out as expected. It is scheduled to arrive in Gothenburg between August 7 and 8.

With this latest shipment, the order entrusted to TECADE within the framework of the Arpeggio and Hisingsbron projects, developed by the Skanska and MT Hojgaard companies, is completed.

The scope of the project for TECADE has been the manufacture of the metal columns for board support, the lifting pylons for the lifting section, the lifting span and the bridge for rail traffic (Kollektivtraffikbron). A great job executed in approximately 20 months, with the expected results, which will have a considerable visual and functional impact on the city of Gothenburg.

This project is part of the 400th anniversary of the city, scheduled for 2021 and that it consists of the replacement of the old Göta Älv drawbridge with a newly built structure that will connect the two banks of the river.

For TECADE, the successful completion of this project represents a great achievement for its entire professional team, which consolidates its experience in the construction of large metal structures at national and international level.