A path paved with opportunities

After several years developing Projects for Canada, TECADE is enthusiastic about the recently promoted Economic and Trade Agreement between European Union and Canada. We are firmly convinced that synergies between companies and projects developed at the signatory countries will foster the development of new business and collaboration opportunities which will be of mutual interest on both sides of the Atlantic.

TECADE’s experience on the Canadian market has been remarkable to date. We have the privilege of working closely with companies, public administrations and qualified Canadian professionals, some of which have been incorporated to our team. These professionals have cooperated with us in our learning of technical and technological specifics as well as the Canadian regulations governing the projects developed in the country.

Our know-how, our strategic location in Seville (which allows us working the whole year with excellent weather conditions and having direct access to the Atlantic Ocean thanks to our facilities at the Port of Seville – TECADE Yard) and our commitment to innovation, investment and internationalisation formed a key part of our momentum for going up a gear on the projects we want to develop in North America.

We are proud to have been regularly and successfully audited by representatives of Infrastructure Canada (a Canadian Government Agency), Canadian Welding Bureau (an independent certification company that certifies companies and welding professionals through a review and qualification process to ensure that they meet the requirements for a variety of product and safety codes), Signature On The Saint Lawrence JV (Joint Venture between SNC Lavalin, Dragados Canada and Flatiron Canada) as well as other accredited Canadian inspections bodies.

All TECADE facilities hold Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) quality certifications in accordance with the requirements and parameters of Canadian W47.1 Standard (Certification of companies for fusion welding of Steel). TECADE is classified in Division 1, the most demanding level, to Metallic production and assembly of welded bridge structures and heavy steel structures only for the Canadian market)

More than 150 professionals on TECADE team have also obtained individual official certifications by CWB as Welding Engineers, Welding Supervisor as well as Tack Welders, Welders and Welding Operators.

Building on TECADE internationalisation policy and thanks to the experience and know-how acquired on the Canadian market, the company has been also audited by The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), achieving the Certification for Bridge Fabrication – Advanced (Major), with Fracture Critical Endorsement, so that TECADE is allowed to manufacture such kind of structures for the US market.

We expect that the start-up of the Economic and Trade Agreement between European Union and Canada (CETA) will be a tool which enables us to strengthen our firm commitment and our activity in Canada from now on, thereby deepening our partnership with the prestigious local companies in that great country.!vC97Xy

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