TECADE Administration Board Message

Dear friends,

In these days of social and business uncertainty, we would like to transfer our TECADE team, collaborators, clients and acquaintances; Above all, a message of hope and optimism towards the future from unity.
The critical situation generated by the coronavirus pandemic in our country and throughout the world, has shown us, apart from our vulnerability as a human species in nature, our infinite capacity to get ahead little by little thanks to the main weapon we have to fight and improve ourselves as a society: The union around a common goal.

That union to which we appealed more than 30 years ago when with effort, few resources and great integrity, our father, Antonio Camino Salas, laid the first stone of what would be TECADE today. Teamwork has been the key since then, for our evolution and success as a company, but also for overcoming great obstacles and difficulties that we would encounter along the way.

This is one more test in our history and we need to overcome it equally, with all our momentum and effort. A test that has radically turned our lives around, severely affecting the health of our social and business fabric. We are aware that the recovery will be slow and complex, but we are sure that it will also be fruitful, if we persevere in it.

We confess that as businessmen we are, we see with concern the economic impact that this health crisis is having on our activity; And we assure you that since the beginning of this crisis we have not stopped adopting all the legal and appropriate measures for the protection of our personnel and the work that supports them. We are confident, therefore, that we will soon begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. First, with the elimination of this great viral threat and, second, with the prompt return to our daily tasks where we will need the strength and tenacity of everyone to get afloat again. It is clear that paddling together, we will always go further.

Today more than ever we want to thank  each and every one of those who are and have been part of TECADE throughout our history. Your effort, commitment and constant work, has managed to build not only great bridges, structures and projects, but the most important thing that in our opinion we are today, a great family, and as such, we guarantee that we will continue doing everything that is within our reach to overcome this hard test that we are currently facing with the courage that has always accompanied us since our inception.

Finally, we would like to encourage you to continue to respect the instructions of the health authorities, to remain caring, prudent and reflective so that when the storm passes and calm comes, we are better people and professionals. We are convinced that after this stop along the way, we will get new opportunities to grow, to see and feel the world around us. New ways of approaching problems and strategies in all the mechanisms of our life.

We reiterate our sincere thanks to all of you and we hope we will work together again as always very soon.

A warm greeting,

Administration Board