TECADE is proud to announce it has been awarded the execution of metal structures for Hisingsbron project in the city of Gothenburg (Sweden), so we want to welcome the companies Skanska and MT Hojgaard like TECADE customers.

The Hisingsbron project involves replacing the old drawbridge Göta Älv in central Gothenburg by a new structure. TECADE is involved in the project with the following structures:

  • Bridge for rail traffic
  • Metal columns for board support
  • Pylons lifting the bascule span. These elements constitute the most visible part of the project and will become the largest visual icon of the city and contain hoisting machinery of the central board.

Description of the structure:

  • Total length of the boards: 464 m
  • Height of the pylons on the surface of the river: 49 m
  • Types of structures:
    • Viaduct: Double metal drawer joined by crossbeams
    • Columns: Drawers armed inclined V-shaped tensioned at the top
    • Pylons: Metal drawers multifaceted
  • Weight of the metal structure: 1.600 Tn