The first sections of the Hisingsbron Bridge manufactured by TECADE, are sent to Gotembourg – Sweden

The loading of the first structures made by TECADE for the Hisingsbron project in Sweden started from the Port of Seville yesterday. The project consists of the replacement of the old Göta Älv drawbridge in the center of Gothenburg, with a newly built structure. This work is being developed through the companies Skanska and MT Hojgaard, and is framed within the 400th anniversary of the city of Gothenburg to be celebrated in 2021.

The structures of this first shipment correspond to 8 box guirders of 23 to 27 meters in length and a total weight of 225 tons, belonging to the bridge for rail traffic (Kollektivtraffikbron), which are sent by sea from the facilities of TECADE in the Port of Seville to Gothenburg.

TECADE participates in this important project with the manufacture of the metal columns to boad support, pylons lifting the bascule span, the lifting span and the bridge for rail traffic (Kollektivtraffikbron). All of them represent the elements with the greatest visual impact of the entire project that will become an icon of the Swedish city.

A great challenge for TECADE because of the technical complexity of the project and its scope. Works will continue in the Port of Seville until the completion of the order.