Tecade will build the lifting span of the Hisingsbron bridge in Gothenburg – Sweden

The recent contract is in addition to the one obteined  last year for the manufacture of several metal structures of the project, which are currently under construction at Tecade workshops

Tecade will execute, together with the 4 pylons already under construction and the tram access viaduct (KTB), the elements with the greatest visual impact of the entire project and will become an icon for the city of Gothenburg. These elements are the most complex of the project due to the high precision and quality required during the process.

The Hisingsbron project consists in replacing the old Göta Älv drawbridge in the center of Gothenburg, with a newly built structure. The project is developing through the Skanska and MT Hojgaard companies, and its completion is planned in 2021.

For Tecade as a Spanish company participating in this project, the contract for these works is very important because of its impact on the development of this city and the consolidation of its reputation as a leading company in the sector in the international market.

With this last contract, Tecade participates in the project with the following structures:

  • Bridge for rail traffic
  • Metal columns for board support
  • Pylons lifting the bascule span.
  • Lifting span

Description of the structure:

  • Total length of the lifting span: 46 m
  • Height of the pylons on the surface of the river: 49 m


Typology of structures:

    • Lifting span: Orthotropic metal drawer
    • Viaduct: Double metal drawer joined by crossbeams
    • Columns: Drawers armed inclined V-shaped tensioned at the top
    • Pylons: Metal drawers multifaceted
    • Total weight of the metal structures: 2.100 Tn