TECADE doubles its accounts in two years after closing 2023 with a turnover of 30 million euros.

90% of the revenue corresponds to manufacturing processes that have generated up to 600 jobs.

Seville, April 24, 2024. TECADE’s 2023 results are among the best in its history, according to the official year-end balance sheet. Revenue amounts to 29.8 million euros, nearly double (a 47% increase) compared to 2021, a year when the business began to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. This is also a 35% increase compared to 2022, when revenue was 19.4 million euros.

The growth is particularly noteworthy due to the high percentage of income derived from labor, 90%, in processes that have created up to 600 jobs during a year that saw over 750,000 hours of work invested. The remaining 10% corresponds to raw materials. Last year also marked other milestones for the company, including an unprecedented project: the construction of the structures for two offshore wind substations for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project in the United States. Each piece, measuring 25 meters in height and 65 meters in length, weighs over 2,300 tons. Their fabrication took place at the company’s facilities in Los Molares and TECADE Yard in the Port of Seville, with final assembly carried out at the Armament Dock to facilitate subsequent stowage and maritime transport.

The significance of this project is not only due to the workload—spanning all of 2023 and nearly half of 2024 with almost a million hours of work—but also due to the opportunity it represents for TECADE. The company is a clear leader in the Sevillian metalworking industry and is firmly committed to renewable energies, an economic driver for Andalusia’s future. This project has significantly boosted the company’s international image, demonstrating its capacity to handle highly demanding projects. In the bridge business line, another project began in 2023 for the high-speed rail line that will connect Murcia and Almería. Specifically, the work for the Los Feos viaduct, a significant technical challenge, has already been completed.

This bridge features a mixed deck comprising a metal structure, partially constructed at TECADE, and a concrete platform. It is the longest viaduct in this rail section, measuring 907 meters, and has already been installed. The company is currently working on the second bridge, the Lucainena viaduct, measuring 898.5 meters, which will be completed before summer. Together, both projects will total over 3,000 tons of constructions produced at the Los Molares facilities. The workload is guaranteed for the next two years, during which TECADE will continue to utilize the Armament Dock facilities, which have been in operation for over a year, in addition to those at Los Molares and TECADE Yard in the Port of Seville.

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