The work for the Murcia-Almería high-speed rail line is progressing at the Los Molares factory.

The parts for the Los Feos viaduct have already been delivered, and those for the Lucainena bridge are currently in production.

April 30, 2024. TECADE is participating in a project that will undoubtedly transform communications in southern Spain. This project is the high-speed rail line that will connect Murcia with Almería, a strategic axis of the so-called Mediterranean Corridor, and it comprises several engineering milestones. Two of these are large structures for the 17.8-kilometer section between Los Arejos and Níjar, which bear the TECADE stamp.

Specifically, these are railway bridges over two ramblas: Los Feos, work on which began last year and has already been delivered, and Lucainena, a project currently being worked on at the Los Molares factory. This latter project will ensure a significant workload until the end of autumn, involving around 80,000 hours of investment.

Both bridges are commissioned by the company SACYR. The parts manufactured by TECADE weigh a total of 3,400 tons across both viaducts, which have similar dimensions.

The longer of the two is the Los Feos viaduct, a significant technical challenge, as it features a 906-meter deck, the longest in the entire line under construction. Its construction system, although seemingly simple, is highly complex due to the precise assembly tolerances required. This system involves pushing the decks from one abutment across six phases: the first was completed at the end of November, and the third was finished a few days ago. The parts manufactured by TECADE have already been shipped to Almería via special transport and assembled at the abutments before being pushed by hydraulic jacks.

Currently, work is underway on the Lucainena viaduct, with construction progressing on-site with the erection of piers and abutments. It measures 898.5 meters in length, and the project commissioned to TECADE involves 1,700 tons of steel.

These projects coexist in the Los Molares factory with another order, this time for an Italian company specializing in offshore wind products. It involves a transition piece for the Gode Wind 4 wind farm in Germany, with dimensions of 7.8 meters in diameter by 16.76 meters in length and a thickness of 85 millimeters. This piece has just entered production and will be delivered in autumn.

This project, along with the Lucainena viaduct, represents a workload of 95,000 hours and a turnover of just over 11 million euros.

Production is also currently focused on the Armament Dock, where the assembly of the second substation manufactured for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind farm is being finalized. It will depart from the Port of Seville in early June, marking a milestone for TECADE.

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