Progress on the New Champlain Bridge project



A few weeks ago we confirmed the start-up of welding operations for the construction of the “New Bridge for the St. Lawrence”. It is, without a doubt, a project for which Tecade make an effective deployment of resources to continue setting new goals in order to satisfy the needs of our clients. Work was started by cutting the first metal sheets for the lower crossbeam.



Later on, we received the visit of Marwan Nader and George Baker (from TYLI Group) and Frédéric Guitard and Antonio Caracena (from SSLC) to inspect the construction of the LCB (Lower Crossbeam)

The first subassembly for the New Champlain Bridge, the Transit Corridor for the Lower Cross Beam, has been delivered three weeks ago from our pre-fabrication workshops in Los Molares to the assembly yard in the Port of Seville, where the rest of the elements will be erected.

The LCB is the most critical element of the whole structure, and the delivered subassembly is the centre part of it, with the following measures: 14,6 m in length, 5,2 m wide, 3,5 m high and a weight of 116 Tn.

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